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Active Family Breaks

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Active Family Breaks

An active family break in Wicklow, starting at Glendalough, is a journey that combines adventure, exploration, and relaxation in one of Ireland’s most captivating regions. From the tranquil beauty of Glendalough to the coastal charm of Bray, create an itinerary that promises unforgettable memories for your family. So, pack your hiking boots, and a sense of wonder, and embark on a journey that will connect your family with nature and Irish heritage.

The Monastic City at Glendalough

Suggested 1 Day Itinerary

Begin at Glendalough Hotel, enjoying breakfast and optional packed lunch. Explore Glendalough Valley’s trails, featuring lakes, the Monastic City, and woodlands. In the afternoon, journey through Wicklow Gap to the historic Russborough House. Conclude with a meal at the hotel in Casey’s Bistro or on your way back from Russborough in the  Hollywood Inn.

Suggested 2 Day Itinerary

On Day 1 in Wicklow, explore ‘Beyond the Trees Avondale‘ with its high treetop boardwalk and slide, then visit Avondale house which opened in 2023 and learn about it’s rich history. Alternatively visit the historic Avoca Handweavers located in the original Mill where you can book a tour of the Mill and maybe stay for lunch. Day 2: After breakfast at Glendalough Hotel, delve into the nearby Monastic City. Wander the valley, see local wildlife, and enjoy lakeside picnics. Book a Guided walk to learn more from expert guides, we recommend Glendalough Musical Tours or Footfalls walking tours

Suggested 3 Day Itinerary

Dive into a captivating three-day journey in Wicklow. Day 1 unveils the 6th Century Monastic City’s splendours and the historic Russborough House. On Day 2, embrace adrenaline with a fat bike adventure, then unwind by Bray’s seashore. Day 3 offers a scenic horseback trek through Wicklow’s landscapes, concluding with the tales of Wicklow Gaol. Wicklow beckons, promising enchantment at every turn.

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