Deer in Glendalough in the snow


Christmass at the Glendalough hotel
Glendalough in Winter

Join us this Christmas in Glendalough

Christmas is a great time to catch up with family and friends. A walk through the Monastic City and down to the Lakes in the morning followed by an afternoon exploring Wicklow is a great way to complete the holidays. Visit Beyond the Trees Avondale or Mount Usher Gardens take the coastal walk in Bray, or visit Russborough House and catch up on all of the holiday stories. Click here to find out more about the many walks that pass by our front door, you could surprise your friends and book a musical tour for your group. When you return to the hotel in the evening enjoy dinner in Casey’s Bistro with it’s open log fire where you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes.


New Year’s Eve in Glendalough.

Welcome in the new year surrounded by the beautiful Glendalough valley with our New Year’s Eve Dinner Bed & Breakfast package.

Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for gift ideas, Glendalough Hotel Gift Vouchers make a great gift for walkers, hikers and explorers. Have a look through our things to do guides and our blogs to discover all that there is to do in Glendalough and throughout Wicklow. Our vouchers can be used for dining or accommodation.

If you are searching for the perfect gift for hikers, photographers, gardeners, history fans or someone who simply likes to head off on an adventure, there is a lot to do next to or close to the Glendalough Hotel.

Christmas Opening



Gift Vouchers

Glendalough Hotel vouchers can be used for accommodation or dining

Give the gift of a day in one of the most beautiful valleys in the world this year and an opportunity to explore Wicklow.

Click on the link, and choose your value, we will add it to our Glendalough Hotel voucher, and send it to the address you request.

Glendalough Hotel in winter
New years Eve Glendalough Hotel

New Year’s Eve Glendalough Hotel

Ring in the New Year at The Glendalough Hotel


The New Year’s Eve package



Explore Wicklow by day and spend the first day of the New Year surrounded by our beautiful Valley where you can walk through the Monastic City down to the lakes.

To find out more about local walks click here and to find out more about some great attractions and gardens nearby click here.


Itineraries to Explore


Suggested 1 Day Itinerary

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Suggested 2 Day Itinerary

Day 1: Explore ‘Beyond the Trees Avondale’ and the newly opened Avondale House. Day 2: Breakfast at Glendalough Hotel, then…


Suggested 3 Day Itinerary

Day 1: Explore Glendalough’s Monastic City, lakes, and mountains. Visit Russborough House after crossing Wicklow Gap. Day 2: Bike through…