Team Building

Located on 2 acres of land in the heart of the Glendalough Valley the Glendalough Hotel provides an amazing backdrop to inspire your teams.

We work with experts in their fields to develop experiences that will really get your team working together.

The Glendalough Adventure - Contact Damian, events square.

If your company is looking for a fun and competitive teambuilding event in the the spectacular Glendalough Valley that combines a stunning hike with the adventure of a treasure hunt and the problem solving element of team building challenges the Glendalough Adventure is for you. This events helps improve team communication, collaboration and you’re sure to have a great day out. Teams navigate by map and GPS to secret locations to complete the challenges whilst finding and photographing the hidden picture clues. Teams then race back to base camp and complete the group finale event. This event is a great option to bring your whole team together.

This  beautiful valley has hosted centuries of visitors seeking knowledge and spiritual sanctuary, it has inspired artists, songwriters and poets. In recent years we have also inspired athletes to swim the lakes, run the trails, hike the hills and valleys, cycles high and low and we can offer your teams a challenge to inspire them onwards and upwards.

How does the Glendalough Adventure work?
Teams start their activity at base camp and race to the hidden activity zones using a map, GPS, and their keen navigation skills. After earning hard earned points throughout the hike teams return to base for a group finale challenge to end the day. This is an engaging and fantastically fun challenge.

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