Covid-19 Guidelines

Our Commitment to You.

In light of recent Governmenet Guidelines, we are anticipating re-opening early Summer. 

The safety of our guests and employees are paramount to us. Our Covid-19 policies have been implemented and we have identified the necessary changes to the day to day running of our business, ensuring our services are delivered to you with every precaution possible.

The well-being of our guests and our employees is our primary concern and we are committed to making your experience with us as comfortable as possible.

Actions in place include, however are not limited to:

 §  Hand sanitiser will be available in various points throughout the property.

§  Employees will sanitize all public areas at least once per hour including lifts doors, handrails, toilets, and entry doors.

§  There will be health and hygiene reminders throughout the property including physical distancing floor markers.

§  Guests will be advised to practice physical distancing by standing away from other groups of people not traveling with them while standing in lines, using lifts, or moving around the property.

§  We will be removing any unnecessary objects in bedrooms that are not changed daily that other previous guests may have touched e.g. Pens, notebooks, magazines, throws and cushions.

§  Deep cleaning and disinfecting of guestrooms will be carried out.

§  Physical layouts will be arranged to ensure appropriate distancing is adhered to.

§  Tables in our restaurant, bar and dining areas have been set-up to facilitate social distancing.

We are actively following all local, national, international health and government guidelines and procedures and we will continue to monitor and update these controls as new directives are introduced.

Prior to your stay with us each guest will receive a ‘Welcome & Safety Pack’ to advise you on the complete steps we have taken.

Looking forward to welcoming you back through our doors. For additional information, please review out Policy Statement. 

 Warm Regards,


Please Note:

Due to Covid-19 we are serving breakfast in our restaurant in three time slots, If you would like to reserve your preferred time slot prior to checking in and avoid disappointment due to it being fully booked the times available are 8:15am, 9:00am and 9:45am.

In the same manner, we also ask that if you want to have an evening meal or a drink in our restaurant during your stay you will need to book in either now or on arrival. We begin serving dinner at 6:30pm

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