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Glendalough, with its famous round tower is one of the most enduring images of County Wicklow. The Glendalough Hotel offers superb views of the tower and a perfect opportunity to the tower and surrounding hills & lakes during your stay at the hotel. A truly beautiful location which is steeped history.

The English name Glendalough comes from the Irish Gleann DŠ Locha which translates to "The valley of the two lakes".
It was here that St. Kevin founded a monastery in the sixth century. From this beginning the site grew to become famous as a centre of learning throughout Europe. Indeed, Ireland was known as the "Island of Saints and Scholars". Standing amid the remains of this monastic settlement, one can feel a powerful sense of peace and tranquility.

The settlement continued to expand for 600 years and was destroyed in 1398. The buildings which you see today survive date from the 8th and 12th centuries. The most famous is, of course, the round tower which is 34m high and 16m in circumference at the base. A cathedral, stone churches and decorated crosses also survived.

The Glendalough Visitor Centre

If you visit today, there is a visitor's centre which is located adjacent to The Glendalough Hotel. It houses a very comprehensive exhibition on Glendalough detailing the history, archaeology, wildlife and much more. A video will show the many attractions in the area. You can then head out on your own to explore the monastery site, walk along the shores of the lakes, take the high road along the forest trails or alternatively there is a guided ecological tour of the Wicklow Mountains National Park.

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